My Statement On Operation Conifer Report

I welcome the publication of today’s report into Operation Conifer by Wiltshire Police.


Media outlets over the past weeks and months have speculated repeatedly and sometimes wildly on the substance and veracity of the allegations made against Sir Edward Heath.


A303 Improvements Remain On Track

The announcement today of the preferred route for the A303 upgrade near Stonehenge shows that the project remains on track. This critical new infrastructure will slash journey times to the West Country and alleviate traffic problems and rat-running in nearby villages.


A303 Upgrade Statement

The launch of today’s consultation on upgrades to the A303 at Stonehenge, including a bypass for Winterbourne Stoke, is very welcome news. 


The Accessibility Of Talking Buses

I was shocked to learn when speaking with the charity Guide Dogs how often blind people miss their stop because they do not know where they are. In fact 7 in 10 passengers with sight loss have been forgotten on a bus as they missed their stop and were unable to know where on the route they were.

Extending a welcome to refugees

ON Monday, I was glad to meet some of my newest constituents and extend a warm welcome to Salisbury.

The Abbara family have travelled to Wiltshire from Syria with support from the UK Government.