HOPPA Bus Launch and Pig Farms!

The new Amesbury HOPPA bus was launched today at the Holiday Inn, Solstice Park where I had the pleasure of cutting the ribbon. Community Transport South Wiltshire offer some fantastic services offering accessible and affordable transport. They are also looking for a new trustee in the Amesbury area as well as additional financial support from both businesses and individuals. If you can help please email salisbury-ct@btconnect.com.

After launching the HOPPA bus, I then headed out into the South Wiltshire countryside for a tour of a pig farm. Life as an MP is never dull! When Parliament returns from the summer recess there will be a debate on 9 September which seeks to ban farrowing crates for sows. We have world-leading animal welfare standards in the UK and the crates are used for a short period to stop sows accidentally crushing their piglets. I am determined to continue supporting South Wiltshire's hard-working farmers. We should resist the move to mandatory free-farrowing until it can be proven to protect piglets from injury as well as being commercially viable.