Let’s unite, whatever the referendum result

THE national news (and my correspondence) continues to be dominated by the referendum. I will reserve my final thoughts on that matter for the next week but it continues to concern me that this has been such a divisive national discussion.

There are clearly issues of judgement and principle at stake on both sides and, although I am clear about where I stand and why, it is vital that the country is able to unite around the outcome – whatever it may be.

I was pleased to see that the days leading up to the registration deadline saw a surge in people guaranteeing their right to vote, as high levels of engagement and a strong turnout will help in that process.

It is also pleasing to see news of possible investment in additional hotel and leisure provision in Salisbury. It is just an expression of interest at this stage and any outcome will be some way off due to the complexity of the planning and the environmental considerations.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that the Chamber of Commerce, BID and City Council are thoroughly engaged and extremely well placed to facilitate ambitious redevelopment plans, whenever they arise.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Callen-Lenz, a growing business, which has an international footprint yet is based in a rural location near Wilton.

I anticipate we will see more and more companies whose global ambitions are not constrained by location and that is why my commitment to rural broadband has not wavered and why I made it one focus of my contribution to the Queen’s Speech debate.

This weekend, I look forward to attending the formal opening of the new skate park and clubhouse in Nomansland, the well-deserved culmination of a great deal of hard work.