Update on the March Attack

It was very unwelcome news last night from Scotland Yard. After many hard months of clean-up and recovery efforts, we now have another hurdle to clear.

My thoughts are first and foremost with my two constituents in critical condition at this time. On the day of the 70th birthday of the NHS, I am sure they are receiving the very best care at Salisbury District Hospital.

As I wrote yesterday, the number one priority with the new investigation is to ensure the safety of the public. I would encourage everyone in South Wiltshire to let the police do their job. They need to quickly establish what has happened and trace the movements of these two Amesbury residents over recent days.

The latest incident is most likely the isolated result of discarded paraphernalia from the attack in March. The police will be doing all they can to work out exactly what has transpired to prevent further risk to the public.

Over the last four months, I know some constituents have been critical of the police, accusing them of overreacting. But this latest incident shows this is not a game or a PR exercise for the authorities.

The Chief Medical Officer has given very clear advice for people who have visited the latest cordoned off sites since last Friday. I would encourage everyone to calmly follow the very best expert opinion.

Later today, I will be alongside the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, when he gives a statement in the House of Commons on the incident. I will then be returning to Salisbury this afternoon to be fully briefed on events on the ground.

I understand that many people will be concerned. But the very best thing we can do now is to give the police the space to carry out their investigation. I can assure local residents that major resources are being put into the inquiry. No expense will be spared to make sure the safety of the people of Amesbury and Salisbury is the overriding priority.