Extending a welcome to refugees

ON Monday, I was glad to meet some of my newest constituents and extend a warm welcome to Salisbury.

The Abbara family have travelled to Wiltshire from Syria with support from the UK Government.

Delighted to be working for the new Chancellor

I WAS pleased on Friday to meet with the Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Economic Regeneration for Wiltshire and to reinforce how critical it is that Salisbury’s strategic projects are at the top of the LEP’s plans.

May has all the qualities to be a successful PM

A TUMULTUOUS two weeks in Westminster has ended with the appointment of a new Prime Minister, Theresa May.

I am pleased that the process of selecting a leader and Prime Minister has been able to end early, providing businesses and households with much-needed confidence.

The Referendum Result

The referendum result was a momentous decision, and we should be proud that it was only a Conservative majority government who were prepared to put this question directly to the people in a national referendum, the first one for 41 years.

Despite my scepticism, I will be reluctantly voting to remain

I made my position on next week’s EU referendum clear in February this year, and in previous Journal columns.

Throughout the referendum campaign, I have engaged with numerous constituents and significant correspondence on the subject, coming from all sides of the debate.

Let’s unite, whatever the referendum result

THE national news (and my correspondence) continues to be dominated by the referendum. I will reserve my final thoughts on that matter for the next week but it continues to concern me that this has been such a divisive national discussion.

Raising constituents’ problems in parliament

WHEN constituents approach me with problems, my first instinct is to seek a swift resolution by making direct representations on their behalf to the companies, organisations or government departments involved.

My response to the Queen’s Speech

On Monday I gave my response to the Queen’s Speech. I urged the Government to continue to have ambition and measure their success in a way that allows further developments to take place so that we can meaningfully address the conditions of the poorest in our society with solutions that give them