Work Experience

John offers work experience opportunities to students from the Salisbury constituency. The placement gives young people an insight in to local politics and a chance to boost their skills. Students will be able to help with a number of tasks:

  • Social media
  • Researching an issue
  • Constituency surgery
  • Accompanying the MP to a meeting or event in the House or in the Constituency
  • Assisting with office duties

Work experience in Westminster is generally offered to students in the Lower or Upper Sixth Form (Y12 and Y13). Typically, one week will be offered, preferably when the House is sitting. Please be aware that demand is high, and placements unfortunately cannot be offered to all students who apply. If you would like to apply for work experience in Westminster, please email

John also offers shadowing days in the constituency on a Friday or during recess, which allow students or those with an interest in what an MP does to attend surgery, events and meetings.